1. Jubilee

This work was inspired by the ancient Hebrew concept of the Jubilee, which was a year of emancipation and restoration provided by law to be kept every fifty years. The Jubilee was not a celebration of past achievements and successes, but rather an opportunity for social and spiritual renewal. It often involved the freeing of slaves, the restoration of seized property to its former owners, the forgiving of debts, and the deliberate omission of land cultivation. On an emotional and spiritual level, the Jubilee represented a conscious rebirth for both the collective society and individuals in it. Taking this as a point of departure, I imagined a work that would contain a sense of intimate celebration that would transform itself into a kind of open-endedness that such a leap of faith implies. I chose the glockenspiel for it's timbral brilliance and melodic possibilities and intended the electronic audio as the emotional underpinning of the work.