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Music for percussion/chamber ensemble:

Painted from Memory (2018) trio - two movements for violin, cello and marimba (15')


Acoustic Shadows (2016) for 2 pianos and 3 multi-percussionists (12')

Handhaving (2016) duo for viola and one percussion (marimba, tubular chimes, bass drum, snare drum, woodblock, sus cym) (11')

Choro Sem Lua (2015) for voice, piano, 2 guitars, bandoneón, bass, percussion (10'30")

Ice Lake (2012) for solo vibraphone, viola and three percussion (9')





Malandragem (2012) for percussion quintet (5')

John’s Gone (2008) for percussion quartet (vibe 1, vibe 2, glockenspiel & gankogui, crotales & gankogui)(5'30")

Casual Gravity (2008) duo for clarinet, marimba with electroacoustic audio (9')

Wreathe (2007) for string quartet (10'30")

Three Americas (2006) duo in 3 movements  for vibraphone and marimba (10')

Mr. Softee (2003) for soprano, tabla, piano, bass, trumpet, vibraphone, percussion and string quintet

Kwasi (2000) trio for marimba, vibraphone and four congas (or other hand drums) (5')

Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea (1990) for percussion quintet (10')

Jali's Dream (1990) for steel pan soloist and seven percussion (octet) (10')

Evocation-gentle rain falling (1988) for 7 percussion and clarinet (9')