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Mark Duggan

Talismã is a new recording project from vibraphonist Mark Duggan, rooted in the Brazilian styles of samba, bossa nova and choro. Joined by Marco Tulio (violão) and Louis Simão (bass and accordion), Talismã creates elegant and intimate chamber music with flourishes of jazz and samba suingue. The CD includes a variety of Brazilian classics and original compositions.

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Touch Wood

Mark Duggan

This recording is about the sound and feel of living wood. As a student of marimba, I first became enchanted with the sound of resonating wood bars over thirty years ago, finding in it's dark, mysterious hum a sympathetic resonant voice inside myself. Since then I have written and arranged dozens of pieces for the marimba, many of them presented on this recording together with several short interludes on the Indonesian gambang, angklung, and african logdrum.

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Diggin' Duggan is a contemporary jazz project that gave me the opportunity to realize some of my compositions that fall outside any Latin American music style. It was also a great pleasure to work with some of my favourite musicians from the Toronto scene; diverse performers such as Suba Sankaran, Lina Allemano, Justin Haynes, Richard Brown, Bill Brennan, Jean Martin, Debashis Sinha, Rob Clutton, Ed Hanley and Daniel Barnes are featured in a variety of contemporary grooves and musical settings. 

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Diggin' Duggan

A mostly live recording with guest vocalist/guitarist/percussionist Celso Machado, this is Vuja dé at its best!

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